Loads of good news ….

Firstly, Peter Jones-Hughes (previously Conwy Principal Conservation Officer) has RETIRED.

Next, my Stage 2 Planning Application (ground floor and two upstairs rooms) submitted on 24th January 2014 has been APPROVED  (6.6.14).  Moreover, it has been approved by the officers without my having to take it to the Planning Committee.  Amazing.

Do I connect the two events in any way?  I could not possibly comment.

My experience of the procedure this time has been almost disconcertingly different (in a good way).  The officers actually spoke to me and sorted whatever needed to be sorted without trying to interpose an agent.

The various conservation consultees were (with one exception) constructive and courteous with their responses (positive and negative), and their input was appreciated.  Particular thanks to the Conservation Advisory Panel.

So …. who was the exception?   (Why is bad news always more interesting !!! )

I name and shame SPAB.  I was asked if a representative could visit the site – I agreed.  She subsequently asked if she could bring someone with her.  I do not like to be outnumbered, but reluctantly agreed ….  big mistake.  The woman was OK but the companion … well!  I found him to be obstreperous, and with the most appalling manners.  He was rude to me under my own roof.  The (previously experienced) attitude of “we are the professionals – treat the owner with contempt” industry norm, was back with a vengeance.

If his (offensively put) opinions had been believable it would have been something, but I was flabbergasted at his advice.  A couple of examples …   My proposal for secondary glazing for sound insulation (8inch gap and different gauge glass) following advice from the market leader – Pilkington Glass, was dismissed by him, out of hand.  Another example …  The floor of Room 1 is dry on the half nearest the street and wet on the half nearest the “well”.  His advice was that I should put all my furniture on the dry half …. !!!

I will follow Pilkington’s advice (and not his) on the sound insulation.  As for the wet floor – I will not be following his advice  … why?  because, …. “well” it is  “flawed” … (Boom, boom).