The Conservation department of Conwy Council has at last commented on the Stage 5 (mark 2) application.

Are these people real? Do they actually read the application?

(1). Quote from their comments:
“… removal of galvanised steel fence and gates ….. These are to be replaced with a SUBSTANTIAL SET of wooden gates ”

No …. the gates in the last application have been entirely REMOVED from this one !!! They do not exist – read the application.

(2). Quote from their comments:
“this proposal has been amended to reduce the height of the gate”

No… the proposal does not say anything of the kind – the proposed gate is not the same one as the previous application – see (1) above.

(3). Quote from their comments:
” substantial SET of wooden gates..”

Rubbish – the gate is a SINGLE one.

(4) Quote from their comments:

“… pebble dash … ”
they advise PEBBLE DASH … !!

(5) Quote from their comments:
Quote “… not lasting a year … ”

These are QUALITY OAK DOUBLE SIDED PANELS which will out-live any modern, garden centre fencing (which are always single sided and therefore ugly on one side). The oak re-cycled panels will be lime-washed to match the finish on the property. Seasoned oak can last for centuries – see Aberconwy House.

The Conservation section of Conwy Council recommend a PEBBLE DASHED wall in place of these lovely oak, double sided panels …. I am speechless …

(6) Quote from their comments:
“A potential solution may be to construct a masonry boundary wall …”

Now, what is the first thing you need for a masonry wall? Why … foundations, of course .. and foundations require excavation … and then I would have to pay for yet another archaeological dig – wonderful – … and what have I said about that in the Application? No money! All MY remaining funds must go to saving the building. (I have suggested alternatives for funding digs, if others wish this).

But, of course, if the Conservation Dept. staff did not actually READ the Application, well … no wonder they got it all wrong.