Well, a complaint that my previous applications had been changed without my permission resulted in some of the 10 missing pages being re-instated. However there was no “Good heavens, that should never happen, and will not happen again”.

As I am a Chartered Accountant, the analogy for me would be the scenario where a Chartered Accountant and Client completed the Client’s Tax Return, and having agreed all the information on it, the Client signed the Tax Return and left. If the Chartered Accountant (regardless of the effect) then altered the information on the Tax Return without the Client’s permission and submitted it to HMRC – would that be acceptable professional behaviour?


I do not know if planners have a regulatory body, but if they do then they really should do something about this apparently standard practice of altering planning applications without permission after they have been signed.

For the avoidance of doubt, I have no objection to their refusing to register an application unless something is removed – but not WITHOUT PERMISSION once it has been accepted and registered.

Well, we’ll see what happens with the next one ….

The front of the property (I think) now looks absolutely lovely – just a few finishing touches to be done. When they are done I will try to put an up to date picture on this website … well … probably someone else will do it for me !!