Stryd Y Castell, Conwy. 1441 – up to date

The original reason for setting up this website was because Conwy Council, unusually, did not put planning applications on-line. Few people bothered to go to read the paper files in Colwyn Bay, so an awful lot of misinformation flew around concerning earlier applications.

Recently the council has started to put applications on line. However this action has revealed that they actually “doctor” the applications without the knowledge of the Applicant (!) and … then…. publish the changed applications in the Applicant’s name … without the Applicant’s consent !! For example Application No. DC/0/40135 (listed Building Consent) had 10 pages removed completely without authority. Other Applicants beware! At least with this website access, the various conservation bodies and other interested parties can accurately inform themselves of the proposals, with minimal effort.Apart from the planning applications, I have included some early (and recent) historical information. “News & Comments” gives the latest updates.

I hope you enjoy visiting the site.

Angharad E. M. Jones


Well, it is coming up to eight years since I bought the ruined property and the work is done. Six and a half years for planning, plus one and a half to do the actual renovation. I have been living in the house for a few months now and it has all worked out as I hoped. I now look forward to the quiet enjoyment of the fruits of my efforts. The website has expanded over the period – the latest addition being the film of the completed work, room by room, with flashbacks to how it looked at the start.

As a final post and with my thanks, I append below a commissioned englyn from the poet Rhys Iorwerth, winner of the Chair at the 2011 National Eisteddfod:

11 Stryd y Castell, Conwy

Ei feini sy’n ail-fyw hanes, yn dal
pob hen dân, pob neges;
eto’n y grât, dyna’u gwres
drwy Gonwy’n stori gynnes.

Rhys Iorwerth